Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Attract Your Man's Attention Forever - The Perfect Guide to Pubic Fashion

This article should be a "mantra" for any woman with the strong desire to attract her husband, lover or friend and have him begging for her attention, and pleasing all her demands.

Due to unknown reasons, almost every man on earth feels a "blind" attraction and desire to a woman who has shaved her pubic hair. Yes, there might be some old fashioned men who are still into "traditional" hairy and unshaved pubic hair, but among your people, middle age people and even more mature and aged people totally shaved, partially shaved , or styled pubic hair has become something in style, in fashion and very common.

I remember 6 years back, hearing a conversation between two teenagers talking about how they were shaving their pubic hair because it was "in fashion".

So if you really want to attract your man's attention and have him paying to you all the attention and care you deserve, please check out these daring new ways to keep your pubic area appealing, fashionable and fresh:

Shaving: The pros of this way is that it is a very cheap way and if you have a steady hand, it is a totally painless way to shave your pubic hair. If you put a little of imagination and your own skills, you can have a brand new style every time the mood strikes.

Expert Advice: In order to avoid ingrown hair or stubble it is a very good idea getting yourself one of of the latest battery operated feminine personal pubic hair shavers. With a bit of practice and using the special oil provided, you will do wonders with your pubic hair.

Salon Waxing: The professionals working at these salons know their job very well, so they are experts and your style should look absolutely perfect.

This system will last four to six weeks, but the main reason lots of women avoid it is because of the potential for pain, although it should not last long with the treatments they will give you to get rid of the pain.

Expert Advice: Always agree with the salon aesthetician about what is the style you want for your pubic area. This way you will avoid any further surprise.

Laser Treatments: If you want to commit to a pubic hair design such as your initials, a butterfly or whatever other design you like, with this system you can keep the same design forever. Every one or two years, you should need a few touch-ups, but the most part, the hair will be gone forever.

Expert Advice: The cons of this system are that you need at least six laser sessions to elminate all your pubic hair, plus every year you may need to do a "maintenance" session to keep all the pubic area clean.

Conclusion: Initially, I would go for the first option (shaving). Get yourself one of the latest battery operated shavers designed especially for women's pubic hair, and use your imagination to get your own style (completely shaved, partially shaved, your own pubic hair design...)

If you get tired of this system (shaving), you can always try the salon waxing or the laser treatment options.

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