Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brown-Haired Penelope Cruz and Her Fashion

We all know how classy and beautiful long flowing brunette hair is. You can put it up in a bun to go for an elegant and sophisticated look, or you can pull it back by a ponytail if you?re going for a playful mood, or maybe make a braid if you want a casual elegance to your style.

One celebrity with beautiful long brown hair would be Penelope Cruz. Many say that Penelope Cruz is flawless on the red carpet. And thoug her everyday fashion can be classified as classic euro-chic. the looks she creates on the red carpet has always been of high glamour. She has been dressed by the best designers in the industry like Ralph Lauren, Oscar dela Renta, Chanel and John Galliano.

With her beautiful brown hair, she has always been seen with a unique flair for the dramatic. Her gowns were usually floor-length, solidly colored and strapless or with a plunging neckline.

Just like Penelope Cruz, here are some tips on what different great styles complement long brown hair. Brunettes need to choose earth tones, because it goes well complementing whatever undertones or highlights you have in your hair. For example, if you are more on the golden side, then get a golden base with browns in them.

Of course, brunettes have to remember to look very professional during work days and job interviews, so I suggest a feminine shirt layered with your favorite tailored suit. If you are wearing your hair on top of your head in a bun, add a girly touch like pale pink camisole with lace, so as not to look like a gaudy librarian.

During casual days, wear a skirt and a silk shirt, or even some dress pants that are of matching colors. You can wear your hair in a braid, which makes you look sophisticated, yet fun and still a hint of gentle softness.

On a night out with your girlfriends, you can tie your hair up in a fancy do, or just a ponytail and wear a short skirt with a cute tank top. If you want to wear a more daring top, then pair it with a comfortable pair of jeans.

Never forget about accessories. Because they can make or break one?s outfit. Because you are a brunette, silver and gold colors are your best bet.

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