Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will the Alice Band Ever Go Out of Fashion?

Alice Bands are an item of hair fashion that has seen a huge rise in women and some men wearing them for all occasions. Originally designed to separate the hair from the face, the simple design fashion accessory is now made in just about every material you can think of. Long gone are the days when Alice Bands were just for young girls to make their hair more manageable. The longevity of the Alice Band is unsurprising as it can be dated back to the ancient Greek days when women wore simple hair bands made from olive branches. Today, they have been much enhanced and have been embellished with jewellery, gold, flowers to name but a few.

Designers of wedding bridal accessories have taken the head band and transformed it into a tiara fit for a princess. Many bound in satin and enhanced by floral decorations that would be fit for any monarchy to wear. With a wealth of materials available it is left to the imagination as to which would be most suitable for that special day. The designs are unlimited with satin being preferred for a bride and usually decorated with flowers such as roses, often in a cream or ivory color. Jewel encrusted bands have also been popular for weddings but these can also be found being worn at other occasions such as a prom. The amount invested in an Alice Band to impress all who see it is an individual choice, but with it having such a prominent position on the crown of the head it takes pride and place as a fashion accessory that can capture the eye.

Sportsmen have taken to wearing an Alice Band to keep the hair from covering their face. As fashions dictate the length of men's hair, it is sometimes necessary to control the hair especially in a fast moving sport such as tennis or soccer. What better way to achieve this than to use an Alice Band to control it. Many celebrities have made a normally female dominated fashion accessory perfectly acceptable to male wearers and increased the market potential of one of the most widely used hair accessory available.

Size is not an issue with an Alice Band. One size fits all and with modern materials such as plastic, this makes it a perfectly comfortable hair accessory to wear. In fact in many department stores there is no difference between adults and childrens Alice Bands.

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