Monday, December 12, 2011

Is Gray the Hair Fashion Statement of the Future?

You rarely see gray hair any longer on ladies above 50 like seeing elderly women donning prom dresses. Everyone is a lustrous and shimmering brunette or brunette, at any age. The thing is, you will find few proud superstar representatives for natural hair fashion for all those much older than stepping into old age. Of course, there is Helen Mirren, or Meryl Streep. But they are just two well-admired superstars, that people often sideline what they're doing as high society rebellion. For some ladies, to go about having gray hair is a lot like putting on a sandwich board which says they're over the hill, past a good future, past romance.

As much as it looks like a horrible sacrifice to make at the altar of mature self-acceptance, many people don't like being trapped on the gerbil wheel of regular skincare and hair care. If it is six weeks, you basically have to run off to have your roots tinted. Years allocated to frequent hair coloring can end up feeling quite like you've been in some manner been destroying your body, and getting off can often feel really liberating. It really is amusing, if you think about it. There actually is no problem having a hair color habit; and yet it does feel like relief once you finally step off the merry-go-round.

Will the silver hair become fashionable as being the brand new hair fashion statement for today among older ladies? In a country where more than half of all of those who are part of the female sex, choose hair color, either for their gray hair, or perhaps to make a fashion statement? A natural gray, is all ready to become the newest politically correct position; and colored hair, to become the newest implants that people with women's rights politics will like to oppose. Many women in their 50s, want to go to the beauty salon to have their hair colored but not to enjoy some kind of hair fashion; appearance truly is important in lots of work opportunities nowadays. You could be an attorney dealing with youngish business clients, or you might be an office manager having a few fresh business school graduates under your wing. It often just feels like you are running into obsolescence, if you look your age.

A lot of older women, experienced in fashion sales, discover that in huge image-conscious cities like New York or Philadelphia, trying to basically do your work and assist clients with their choices, doesn't really work. You don't truly want your college student customers to look at you and be reminded of their mom. But you know that it gets truly ridiculous, when ladies in a job where they are employed for their intelligence and their maturity, still need to hide how old they are. School teachers and college professors, cannot seem to be given serious attention with gray hair. In America, old age is simply irrelevance.

However, as terribly as individuals react to gray hair in public scenarios, exactly the same way as they respond to older women putting on prom dress, the majority of ladies think that in individual and romantic relationships, they are certainly not judged by the color of their hair.

What Will Be Next With the David Beckham Haircuts?

Whilst it is clearly David who has the lion's share of talent in the Beckham's relationship; Victoria should not be underestimated with regards what she has brought. After all, it is her who the world really has to thank for the wide array of famous David Beckham haircuts and fashions.

Before the two of them got together, David was a rather shy boy who really only demonstrated confidence and swagger on the soccer pitches he graced in the English Premiership.

Since then however, he has rocketed from a UK "footie" favorite, to quite possibly the world's biggest male style icon. Whilst images of him wearing the latest styles still make the headlines, it is with his ever changing hair that his real image lies.

Admittedly, some of these David Beckham haircuts have not been successful; but then that is the risk you run when setting yourself as an icon; you can't get it right 100% of the time. That he has gotten it right the majority of the time however, says a lot about his natural style and Victoria's eye for what works.

Take the fauxhawk for example. This was all but pioneered by David, and remains to this day one of the most popular men's styles the world over. That it is seen sported by young children, teenagers, those in their twenties and beyond is indicative of just how good a look it has been.

Today of course, we see "Becks" sporting a rather unkempt look. The color is very much what we believe to be his natural color, whilst the bearded face completes somewhat of a vagrant look. It is hard to say whether people will rush out to mimic this look; as it is very much a standard already.

One thing is for certain however, if picked for the England national squad for the World Cup in South Africa next year, there'll be one more memorable style to add to the list of David Beckham haircuts.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Hair Pieces - Hair Fashion

A woman's hair is the most important part of her profile. Our hairstyle, hair color, and hair texture help to make up our entire look. Thus, it is significant to understand about the kind of shampoo you should use, the hair color which may suit you, the hair jewelry that you can wear and many other things related to hair fashion. This brief article is an attempt to help you understand about various types of hair fashion trends.

Hair Guide

If your forehead is broad, it would be wise to cut your hair in style such as French cut or fringe that hides your long forehead. For women, who have long faces, haircut up to the length of shoulders would look great whereas for the ones with small faces, short haircuts will offer a better look. If you have a healthy face, with high cheek bones, then you must go for long hair (below shoulder level).

Shampoo Guide

For oily hair, one best solution is to shampoo daily whereas for dry, it is better to shampoo only twice every week.


These contain chemical compounds which are used to hold your hair according to your desired look. Hairsprays should only be used for hair styles which cannot be done with these; otherwise you should avoid using strong chemicals on your hair.


Picking suitable hair jewelry depends on the kind of hairstyle you have. Just like a short necklace is worn around the neck to show off the visible collar bones or a long necklace is worn to show the bosom, in the same way hair jewelry is also worn to attract some major part of your hair. This totally depends on the kind of hairstyle you have done. Hair accessories include bobby pins, barrettes, bows, combs, ponytail holders, rubber bands, banana clips, tiaras, flowers, and even tiny crystals or stones to add glamor to your wedding bun hairstyle; you can use a tiaras or veils to complement the wedding hairstyle.


While dying your hair, keep in mind your complexion and your entire look. Someone in 40's would look clumsy with artificial colors such as blue, green or purple. Try to pick a color which looks decent on you.

Hair pieces

Wedding hair pieces are quite popular nowadays; these pieces can be attached to your hair to add volume and length to them. They are available in different colors, styles and lengths so you can pick the one which fulfills your needs.

The Funny History of Haircutting Revealed

Is Haircutting Difficult? Why & How Should You Cut Off Perfectly Good Hair? Hair usually grows at a rate of maximum 2cm per month, on the head- unless you are bold. In the past, cave people did not cut their hair. They lacked the tools and the reason to do so. After all, hair and body hair is warming and comforting - unless you have lice crawling in it! Long messy and wild hair can be not only used as a comfortable cushion, but also serves as an excellent method of hiding large sections of an ugly face!

Long hair needs much care and maintenance to keep it tangle free. Since they had no combs, shampoos nor hair-conditioners back then, you can well imagine what an itchy mess their head of hair was. At some point the early man realized it would be far more useful to get rid of the hair, and avoid getting stuck in the bush, while chasing after his pray or woman.

You see, long hair, although beautiful, can be perilous for a man when he's engaged in a fight or combat, as his enemy can grab him by the hair.

It is also a highly dangerous practice for young girls to have long hair if they ride a bicycle (Therefore, in some caring countries girls are forbidden to ride bikes), or if they go to a school where they might get their hair pulled. We see the reason-ability of some religious demands for cutting off the hair of married women, or of covering up the hair and thus keeping its bearer free of grievous bodily harm.

Adult women who engage in spaghetti-bath combat, a practice rumored to occur in Northern Australian outback, usually prefer to have very short hairstyles or wear a wig.
Nonetheless, long hair is very useful for conservative and worried parents of teen-aged girls, who wish to make sure their child does not sneak out at nights to meet a secret boyfriend; They can simply knot their child to the bedpost using her own hair.

Until our forefathers had figured out how to cut hair, they had to braid, weave or dread-lock (messy knotted hair) their hair. Observing our contemporary siblings with their modern dreadlocks, one immediately connects with an overpowering compulsory desire to quickly learn how to cut hair.

The first known haircutting practices were home-haircutting. Since we have no eye-witness accounts of the methods used to cut hair back then, we must use our good reason and rich imagination; Most probably the early man tried haircutting using a sharpened stone as the tool of choice, hacking at the hair. This must've been the early prototype of the infamous guillotine.

In less technically advanced societies they probably resorted to letting nature handle the hair, by outsourcing the job to wild rats, who chewed some hair off while the hair-afflicted individual unsuspectingly slept on the ground... Or perhaps they had engaged in hair-removal parties also known as hair-pulling (i.e., "unsolicited haircutting") fights - a nasty habit we haven't given up upon!

What a relief it must have been to have had the scissors invented!

Home Haircutting, as you see, goes back far and is very varied in technique. Eventually, more humane and painless ways were discovered to cut hair off.

People, like the unlucky inventor Jacob L Kleinman, innovated electric razors and shavers. The invention of hair-cutters/ shavers enabled men to have short cropped haircuts safely and easily. This also signaled the end of the era of long hairdos (and the wasting of good flour) for men. The 20th century dawned on short male haircuts and hairstyles, until the 60's, when happy Hippie days came along and brought back long hairstyles to men.

Women and Haircutting

Women also have a long haircutting history worth mentioning. In short.
Fashion has always dictated to women how their hair should look and they cut the hair accordingly. Women seem to think that obeying fashion-makers' demands, even if it makes you look terrible, is the best way to look attractive and catch a husband.

It is only in recent decades that women have experienced haircutting freedom. Nowadays any haircut hairstyle goes: Short haircuts, medium haircuts, long haircuts and bobs. Some celebrity females experience great stress these days, as the lack of one precise haircut hairstyle is their ruin; driven half mad with daily hair-styling innovation-demanding expectations, this hairstyle freedom soon turns into a hell-hag desire for cutting off all that lovely hair and opting for the bold look. Avoid this sad hairy fate by remaining a happy common nobody and by knowing in advance what hairstyle suits you before you do any haircutting or styling you'll regret.

Bold hairstyle undoubtedly has its benefits - no time wasted, saves you money and it's a lice free certificate. Early Egyptians were wig-wearing baldies. In hot climates and temperaments it is easier to cool off your hot head when you're bald. It is also a great way for any real loyal wife to show her total identification with her husband, as the years pass his hair away.

Who is to Blame? Women are those who usually cut their kids' and their husbands' hair off - if they have no money (you see, it's their husband's fault) or access to a hairdresser. This is a high risk undertaking, known to cause wide-spread misery in the population and multitude of hair-trauma incidents. Hair trauma is not necessarily negative, as it provides jobs for mental-counselors and AdSense income for webmasters, however, if left untreated, it breeds further hair-trauma practices down the generations.

Women who wish to be loved and admired by their family and friends would be advised to seek professional help in the form of a haircutting eBook. It is also a great gift of love and peace!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Justin Timberlake Hair Fashion

Justin Timberlake became famous when he was in the boy band 'Nsync. They had several songs hitting the top charts for years. He is one of those singers who like to wear their hair short. A number of his hairstyles included the crew cut and buzz cut among others. If you want to have the same look as he has - well, not exactly the bye, bye, bye face - then you should consider having the same haircut as his.

His buzz cut makes him look younger through the times he sported it. It is a haircut that is easy to maintain especially for people with curly hair. This cut enables you to look clean, smart and sexy all at the same time. This look is best paired with the absences of beards and goatees to have that ultimate clean look which greatly helps in achieving a younger look. It is one of the most comfortable and ideal haircut for many male celebrities because of its style and compatibility with almost any age range. Because this hairstyle is quite simple and looks good with no need of great maintenance, it also means that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just keeping this look.

The crew cut is something longer than the buzz cut. The hair on each side is kept short but the hair on top of the head is maintained at a longer length than the sides. The average length is about two inches longer than the sides. You can style your hair according to how you want it. One option with this cut is sporting spikes. This is reasonably simple to make. Just apply some hair gel on your palm and begin spreading it on your top hair. Then run your hair through your fingers in an upward motion.

Fashionable Asian Hairstyles

Asian men aren't considered the most privileged when it comes to hairstyles, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some very fashionable choices for them when it comes to this fashion aspect. Here are a few examples of what a fashionable Asian guy can look like.

First of all, bald Asians make quite an impression nowadays, having this tougher and very confident look. Such an extreme haircut shows a lot of determination and class, too. It can be a smooth appearance as well and a tough one at the same time, making bald people very sophisticated persons. This haircut also brings a lot of respect with it and it is quite an imposing choice for those who need the appreciation of those around them.

Secondly, there is the textured crop, which is a rather traditional haircut, but also a very fashionable one. This haircut is a simple one, but which brings a lot of sophistication with it and which also outruns any conservative look. It is highly professional and also timeless, fitted to all thoughtful men who care about their appearance very much. Stylish and serious, this haircut is one of the most popular ones with Asian men who are confident and like simplicity.

Also, you have the messy faux hawk hairstyle, one which is also classy and fitted to men who don't like being conventional. It is a very original and unique hairstyle, suitable for men who like being treated as stars and who like being in the centre of attention. A very urban haircut, a very bald choice - these are probably the best terms to define this hairstyle.

As you can see, there is a best hairstyle for all people, a hairstyle which reflects their personality best and which can draw attention. It is only up to you to choose the best fitted hairstyle for you and, implicitly, to choose the image you think suits you best.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Look at Hair Fashion

The key to beautiful, no-fuss is having the right basic cut. The cut is what gives the hair the control and the shape it needs to be able to fall freely and always back into place. Most o f us today insist on "easy-care"--healthy, shiny mop that requires a minimum of maintenance. We want to be comfortable with our cut. We want it to be something that's easy to live with, yet something that always looks terrific.

A convenience factor in today's easy-care hair is the vast selection of appliances on the market. We now have lightly balanced thinning shears, "vent" styling brushes that allow free-flowing air for faster blow-drying, plus other styling options like blow-dryers that diffuse or minimize heat near the fluff on your head for less hair damage.

Hair products have also never been better for the health of our grass. Rich blends of vitamins and proteins nurture and fortify hair while creating wonderful texture and shine. Shampoos, moisturizers, light controlling mists, incredible hair "finishers" (foams and gels) --even coloring and perms--all in all geared to keeping hair in the best possible condition.

When you think about it, it's actually difficult not to have beautiful, shining ruff. And what's best of all is that women, men and children really don't have to fuss with their hair anymore. When you follow the simple steps of How to cut, curl, and care for your mane, all you need to do with yourself is wash it, wear it, forget about it and enjoy it!

Trendy Shag Haircuts

Hair is the sexiest visible part of human body. Hairstylists are always inventing cool, hip and ultramodern haircuts for ladies and gentlemen. Hairstyling is not a child's play; there are different hair cuts which suit people according to the shapes of their face, types and colours of hair and skull.

I met a lady in a hip hair saloon of NYC, her hair was trimmed, properly cut and coloured but she was not happy with it. She told me that she wanted to be messy chic as this is the fashion of day. Messy chic is low maintenance; fuzz free looks very popular in Parisian and Londoner neighbourhood. This messy look comes from the word Sprezzatura a term originated from Castiglione's The book of courtier, mean a certain nonchalance in looks, deeds or saying.

Shaggy haircuts help in this kind of messy looks. Most of the shaggy haircuts have different layers which give them a permanent style. Unrestricted flow and hiding various flaws of the face can be easily done through shaggy haircuts, like on wearing a high volume shaggy haircut gives you a height or wild scissor work on the hair on forehead will help in enhancing cheekbones or a strong jaw if a person on haircutting chair is male.

Shaggy haircuts sometimes relate themselves with the out-of-bedroom look. It is like pronouncing their sexuality for women. Just-I've-a-good-quickie hair style tends to look confused, chaotic and careless but it is not a carelessness of a dirty and slipshod person. It is a studied carelessness. Every fashion enthusiast since the birth of fashion is trying to achieve this supreme style.

If you want to have trendy shaggy haircuts then don't take scissor and start working on your hair but call for an appointment to some good hair saloon at your place. However shaggy we call it; at last it is a tailored cut. There are layers-short and long, cuts at different angles and other hair works involved in it.

Now days are not far when everybody will look as cool as cucumber and at last how so ever beautiful something is but if it does not say anything, whether it is a fashion eccentricity or a philosophy book, it's useless.