Friday, December 9, 2011

A Look at Hair Fashion

The key to beautiful, no-fuss is having the right basic cut. The cut is what gives the hair the control and the shape it needs to be able to fall freely and always back into place. Most o f us today insist on "easy-care"--healthy, shiny mop that requires a minimum of maintenance. We want to be comfortable with our cut. We want it to be something that's easy to live with, yet something that always looks terrific.

A convenience factor in today's easy-care hair is the vast selection of appliances on the market. We now have lightly balanced thinning shears, "vent" styling brushes that allow free-flowing air for faster blow-drying, plus other styling options like blow-dryers that diffuse or minimize heat near the fluff on your head for less hair damage.

Hair products have also never been better for the health of our grass. Rich blends of vitamins and proteins nurture and fortify hair while creating wonderful texture and shine. Shampoos, moisturizers, light controlling mists, incredible hair "finishers" (foams and gels) --even coloring and perms--all in all geared to keeping hair in the best possible condition.

When you think about it, it's actually difficult not to have beautiful, shining ruff. And what's best of all is that women, men and children really don't have to fuss with their hair anymore. When you follow the simple steps of How to cut, curl, and care for your mane, all you need to do with yourself is wash it, wear it, forget about it and enjoy it!

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