Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Hair Pieces - Hair Fashion

A woman's hair is the most important part of her profile. Our hairstyle, hair color, and hair texture help to make up our entire look. Thus, it is significant to understand about the kind of shampoo you should use, the hair color which may suit you, the hair jewelry that you can wear and many other things related to hair fashion. This brief article is an attempt to help you understand about various types of hair fashion trends.

Hair Guide

If your forehead is broad, it would be wise to cut your hair in style such as French cut or fringe that hides your long forehead. For women, who have long faces, haircut up to the length of shoulders would look great whereas for the ones with small faces, short haircuts will offer a better look. If you have a healthy face, with high cheek bones, then you must go for long hair (below shoulder level).

Shampoo Guide

For oily hair, one best solution is to shampoo daily whereas for dry, it is better to shampoo only twice every week.


These contain chemical compounds which are used to hold your hair according to your desired look. Hairsprays should only be used for hair styles which cannot be done with these; otherwise you should avoid using strong chemicals on your hair.


Picking suitable hair jewelry depends on the kind of hairstyle you have. Just like a short necklace is worn around the neck to show off the visible collar bones or a long necklace is worn to show the bosom, in the same way hair jewelry is also worn to attract some major part of your hair. This totally depends on the kind of hairstyle you have done. Hair accessories include bobby pins, barrettes, bows, combs, ponytail holders, rubber bands, banana clips, tiaras, flowers, and even tiny crystals or stones to add glamor to your wedding bun hairstyle; you can use a tiaras or veils to complement the wedding hairstyle.


While dying your hair, keep in mind your complexion and your entire look. Someone in 40's would look clumsy with artificial colors such as blue, green or purple. Try to pick a color which looks decent on you.

Hair pieces

Wedding hair pieces are quite popular nowadays; these pieces can be attached to your hair to add volume and length to them. They are available in different colors, styles and lengths so you can pick the one which fulfills your needs.

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