Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Make Lolita Hair Fashion Accessories

Lolita is a term that is used to describe a sub-culture of fashion that started in Japan. It became tremendously popular in 1980 and it is still popular today. The Lolita style of fashion is based on the beautiful and innocent baby dolls that were created in the Victorian era.

Most people who enjoy this style wear full-skirted and frilly dresses. Some may even include pinafores with their dresses. Other Lolita fashion accessories include lace stockings that are normally knee high and Mary Jane shoes. Large bows, bonnets and small straw hats with lace are normally included for the hair. In order to complete a Lolita outfit, overstated hair fashion accessories must be worn. For example, you can create and wear a large bow.

Cutting the First Fabric Piece

In order to create a Lolita bow fashion accessory, you must purchase fabric. The fabric can be anything that matches the rest of your Lolita outfit.

Cut a piece of fabric that is nine inches wide by 22 inches long. After cutting the fabric, you will need to place it on your worktable. Remember that the fabric should be placed on your worktable wrong side up.

Folding the First Fabric Piece

After you have placed the fabric on your worktable wrong side up, you will need to fold the fabric. Fold the fabric at about one-half of an inch on all sides of the fabric. You can glue the folded ends together with fabric glue.

Next, you will need to fold the two longest edges of the fabric. Make sure that the edges will meet in the middle of the piece of fabric. After doing so you can use fabric glue to keep the folded edges in place.

Add Lace to the Fabric

Now you can cut strips of lace for your current piece of fabric. Add a strip of lace to each long edge on your fabric piece. You can use fabric glue to keep the lace in place. Doing this will add a boarder of lace to your bow.

Create a Bow

After you have added the lace to the fabric, you can do the last bit of folding to create your bow. Do this by folding the two shorter edges of the fabric. The two shorter pieces of fabric should meet the middle of the fabric. After gluing the edges together, the fabric should look like a bow.

Add More Fabric

If you like, you can add another piece of fabric. This should be cut four inches long by four inches wide. Fold all four of the edges by about one-half of an inch. Glue them in place and then place this piece on the center of the bow. It should be right side up.

After doing this you can use a hot glue gun to glue your bow to the top of your hair clip.

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